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Appointment Cards

For salons, dental clinics, doctor clinics and many other businesses, appointment cards turn out as a very popular form of communication. Well, these do not only work as a value-added service for your clients but also as a ‘walking’ marketing tool for your potential customers. It is certainly a sort of advertisement as it has the organisation’s details on it. That’s where an attractive yet elegant design is required.

At Print Sign Design, we do not only give you a wide range of great designs to choose from, but also suggest you on the types of the card that shall be used. For instance, glossy cards are not recommended as they do not hold ink.

When it comes to professional designing of your cards according to your business or organisation, we at Print Sign Design inculcate creative and uniqueness to the hilt. Not to forget that we make sure its design is aptly different from that of the business cards’.

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